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Updated 2/28/01
Added 13 new butterflies

~~ Butterfly Gifs ~~

Small Butterfly On Stick
Yellow Sideview
Medium-sized Blue
Small Blue
Small Blue & Black
Small Blue 2
Medium White
Big Orange & Black
Hot Pink & Blue
2 Purple on Flowers
Small Monarch
Purple Sideview
Big Blue On White
Small Monarch Sideview
Big Blue & Yellow
Small Blue & Black 2
Medium Blue & Black
Medium Orange
Medium Bright Multicolored
Small Monarch On White
Small Orange
Medium Purple
Medium Purple
Pretty Blue
1 Orange/Black 1 Pink/Blue
Large Yellow & Black
2 Orange & Green
Black Swallowtail
Black & White Checker
Medium Orange
Magenta Bfly
Yellow Like Magenta
Pale Bfly on red flowers
Orange & Black
Dark Orange w/ black trim
2 Bflies 1-Black pink + Yellow--2nd Turquoise
Small Yellow & Purple Bflys
Brown & Orange on Pink flower
Dark red with circles

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~~ Butterfly Backgrounds ~~

4 multicolored bflies on yellow
bflies on pink & white tapestry
blue bflies on white
yellow & black bflies on yellow
monarchs on white
black bflies on white
pink bflies on white
pink bflies
yellow bflies
Green Bflies
silver bflies on yellow
blue bfly on purple satin
pink bflies on pink swirl
green bfly w/ green roses on white
green bflies on green satin
green & blue flies w/flowers on beige bg
brown bfly & yellow rose on tan
bflies on tan
red green blue bflies on white
yellow bflies on white
Pastel bflies on white
Blue bflies on blue satin
Peach on peach
Green on green
Tan on tan
Blue on teal
Another green on green
Blue sideview on blue
Group of 3 monarchs on peach

~~ Butterfly Lines ~~

Pink Butterflies with Purple Line
Pink Butterfly Hovering
Pink Roses & Butterflies
Monarch Flying Across Page
Yellow Butterflies & Pink Flowers
Butterflies & Flowers
Red Animated
8 Multicolored
Small Multicolored
More Butterflies
More Multicolored
Pink Flowers With Black Butterfly In Middle
Butterfly Flying Across Page
Cross Stitch Butterflies
Blue Purple Butterflies Best used on a light bg.
Blue butterflies & Flowers
Blue flying across page
Pretty yellow butterflies
Brown butterflies
Butterfly on pink Flower & line

~~ Animated Butterflies~~

2 Monarchs On Tulips
Colorful Flapping Wings
4 Monarchs
Yellow & Black
Pastel Facing Left
Pastel Facing Right
Monarch Sideview
Monarch Topview
Monarch Frontview
Orange & Black
Tiny Yellow
Big Red
Large Monarch
Changing Colors
Black White & Red
Pretty Green & Red
Red & Black
Fade to Black
Yellow & Tan Fluttering
Brown Flying away

~~ Butterfly Buttons & Bullets~~

Welcome 2
Welcome 3
Email 2
Tiny Teal
Tiny Pink Button
Tiny Green
Tiny Green animated
Tiny Green
Tiny Orange
Tiny Blue

~ More Butterfly Gifs ~

Group of 5
Tiny Monarch 1
Pretty Blue + Yellow
Pretty Pink & Purple
Monarch on Orange Flower
Small Purple
Green Like Purple above
Orange & Purple on Purple Flower
Butterfly in bubble 1
Pretty Butterfly
Butterfly in green bubbles
Bubble 2

Butterfly angel
Nice Blue
Pretty Pink & Yellow
Pretty Blue
Blue & White Speckled
Small Yellow & Black
Black w/ Yellow Trim
Blue & White Striped
Nice Yellow
Green & Black
Green & Red
Red w/ Blue Trim
Pretty Blue &
Sideview Blue & Black
Orange & Yellow
Small Red
Yellow & Blue Trimmed in Black
Small Red & Black
Pretty Neon Looking Right
Pretty Neon Looking Left
Pretty Neon Looking Right 2
Small Black trimmed w/ red
Green & Yellow
Green Looking Left
Green looking right
Pretty Photo
Green & Yellow Looking left
Another pretty photo
Green Bfly looking right
Purple Bfly Looking right
Red Bfly looking right
Yellow Bfly looking right
Green Bfly looking left
Purple Bfly looking right
Red Bfly looking right
Yellow Bfly looking right

~ More Butterfly Backgrounds~

pink + blue on white
blue bfly on pink flower
2 monarchs on white
monarch in circle on peach
monarch on cream
lots of lil colored bflies on white
blue + black bfly on teal
small cluster on blue w/ white bg
colored bflies on black w/ green on right
small orange bfly on purple flower on white bg
blue + yellow bfly on lt blue
blue bfly on medium blue bg
blue bfly on lt blue bg
green bfly on beige bg
blue bfly on blue satin
blue bfly on pretty blue
blue bfly + rose on blue

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